Vinifolin Anti Hair Loss Tonic

Vinifolin Anti Hair Loss Tonic

Revigen Vinifolin anti hair loss tonic is all natural, procyanidin B2 based anti-hair loss tonic applied topically to stimulate hair follicles and accelerate hair follicle activity. It stops hair loss and promotes healthy hair and scalp in male pattern hair loss.

Many published clinical studies have confirmed the hair-growth promoting effects of procyanidin B2 extracted from apple.

Male pattern hair loss is a condition that affects mostly young men. Other than this condition many people experiences thinning hair, seasonal increases in hair shedding and suffers dull, lifeless and damaged hair.

Revigen Vinifolin Anti Hair Loss Tonic For Men - An apple a day keeps the baldness away

Revigen Vinifolin anti hair loss tonic makes use of apple procyanidins that are nature's most powerful compounds that have been scientifically proven to promote the health of hair and scalp with provitamin B5 and biotin both of which help stimulating hair follicles.

  • Revigen Vinifolin anti hair loss tonic;
  • Promotes thicker, fuller and healthier hair.
  • Takes care of thinning hair.
  • Stimulates hair follicle that may lead to hair growth.
  • Fights against the hair loss.
  • Supports re-growth of strong hair after hair loss.

Clinical trials imply that apple procyanidins not only increase total numbers of hairs and terminal hairs, but also promote an increase in hair diameter. When apple procyanidins applied on the scalp, there occurs an intensive hair follicle activation leading to fuller and stronger hair.

Procyanidin B2 on male pattern hair loss safely increases the number of total hair by 84 %. Revigen vinifolin anti hair loss tonic is designed to be used twice a day. There are no side effects, no unpleasant odour, and no irritation. The formula promotes the health of your hair and scalp. It is discretely packaged in a pump spray for ease of application.

Spray 9 times on clean and dry scalp 2 times daily. Massage the solution into scalp properly. Do not wash or rinse hair for about 4 hours. For best results continue to use on a daily base for at least 4 months. Each spray is about 0,2 mL and a bottle of Revigen® Vinifolin®, lasts 4 weeks. Individual results may vary. For external use only. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of the reach of children. If irritation or redness of the scalp occurs discontinue use. The color of the product is due to its Pyrus malus (apple) extract content. No artificial colours. Dermatologically tested.
Revigen does not include these
Revigen does not include these

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